Mining University has eight dormitories. International students live in four of them, all are located on Vasilievsky Island. The University’s training centers are easily walkable from/to all dormitories; in addition, ground transport is also available.

Mining University executives devote much attention to living conditions of students in general and in dormitories in particular. All dormitory buildings have been recently renovated and upgraded. All of them have study rooms, WiFi, computer classes, canteens or cafés, laundry facilities, and gyms. Monthly fee for living in the dormitories is significantly lower than average apartment rent for residencies of similar quality and location.

The entire campus of Mining University including the dormitories is located on Vasilievsky Island, the historical birth place of St. Petersburg and its most prestigious residential and historical district. The area has well-developed system of public transportation, including metro, buses, trams, and trolleybuses. Several major taxi companies provide taxi-cabs within a few minutes after request via the Internet.

Within walking distance from all dormitories there are grocery stores, cafés and restaurants with various cuisines, cinema theaters, tourist attractions and picturesque views of the most beautiful Russian city of St. Petersburg.